Фотография квеста «The Alchemist»
WITH ACTORS 75 minutes

The Alchemist ru

Attention! This game used to operate under a different brand name and was called The Haunted House. Please make sure you have not already played it.


the level of fear
Age limitations: 12+ years old with adults, 14+ without them

Any science takes its toll, and alchemy is the most insatiable out of the ones known. The great alchemist Elias Ashmole and his wife vanished. Their mysterious disappearance was a blow for the inhabitants of a small town and a major puzzle for all occultism worshipers.

You are adherers of the society the scientist belonged to. Although you are hardly experienced in alchemy, it is you who are destined to find out what really happened to Elias Ashmole’s family.

Recollect your spirits and listen to the voice of reason to unveil this mystery!

Categories: For 1-2 players Minimal Complexity Scary With actors

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