Фотография квеста «Catharsis»
WITH ACTORS Not scary UP TO 8 PLAYERS immersive

Catharsis ru

Age limitations: 14+
Escape room with actors

Theater starts with... a crime! A devoted Grand Guignol fan becomes an unwitting witness to an odd incident. Before her very eyes, some unknown people secretly remove from the building the body that she identified as the lead actor, August Kai.

Why has his death remained unreported to fans and the media? Why have gendarmes closed the case so hastily with the conclusion “An accident”? To have answers to these questions, the woman turns to the best detectives in Paris. Your partners and you will have to cast light on the circumstances and details of the actor’s strange death. Or maybe you can point to those responsible for August Kai’s demise?

Categories: Detectives For 1-2 players For a Large Party For teenagers Minimal Complexity Photoshoot in game With actors Иммерсивные

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Dmitrovskoe shosse, building 29, 1
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Entrance on the side of the highway into the arch under the signboard “Claustrophobia Adventure Centre”.


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