Фотография квеста «Love fantasy»

Love fantasy ru

Age limitations: 18+
Escape room with actors

Muffled lights, pleasant music... She explodes with laughter after another joke from her friend and flirtatiously asks the bartender to repeat the last cocktail. He scans the bar with the familiar gaze of a hunter in search of the one who will become his companion this evening. They are still unfamiliar and do not yet realize that today they have to reveal and fulfill all of each other's wildest fantasies.

Love Fantasy  is an erotic performance for the most liberated couples. An immersive erotic show takes place individually. Each game is absolutely unique and is designed specifically for your couple. You choose erotic fantasies in advance, offer your ideas that will be implemented in this plot. You can think of an adventure together or make a surprise for the second half.

Reject embarrassment! Try on different images, interact with each other and with actors. You play the roles of strangers, which means today you can be anyone! A hint of swing? Not! Only a drop of passion and jealousy during the game! A unique chance to immerse yourself with your soulmate in the world of erotic adventures and make love fantasies come true, but without any negative consequences!

Important! To play according to an individual scenario designed specifically for your team, the session must be booked at least 5 days before the selected date. For the game according to the standard scenario, no advance booking is required.

Attention! Strictly 18+. Upon arrival at the location, you will need documents confirming your age — passport or driver's license.

Categories: Erotic For 1-2 players For adults For dates Minimal Complexity Photoshoot in game With actors

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Vernisazhnaja street, bilding 6
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