Фотография квеста «Bank Robbery»
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Bank Robbery ru

Attention! 75% of the quest has been renewed after reconstruction and transfer.

очень сложный
Age limitations: 12+ years old with adults, 14+ without them
You are the legendary team of robbers. An influential collector has ordered to thieve the unique relic, which is kept in the bank storage. What a pity that you have not thought out the plan prior to your affair… Extemporize! You have only one hour to perform the order and not to get caught.


Escape room Features

  • The weight of the participant must not exceed 110 kg, and the height of the participant must not exceed 2 meters
  • For a comfortable game, you will need comfortable simple clothes, it is strictly forbidden to pass the quest in skirts and heels.
  • If the team is more than 15 minutes late for the escape room, the game will be canceled and no refund will be given.



  • Don't have an adult player on the team? Our employee will pass the escape room together with the children  and make sure everything is in order. The service is available to all teams with players aged 12 to 14. Escort cost — 2500₽ per session. Just add the service in the booking form.

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