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the level of fear
Age limitations: 18+ years old

Oh, it's not easy being a Cupid... The plan for lust on Earth isn not even half done. If the situation is not  corrected, Cupid will be fired, and             removed basic settings of a person will be fired, and      the basic settings of a person will be fired, and     the basic settings of a person

Take matters into your own hands! Well, not literally, of course... You and your soul mate must prove that humanity hasn forgotten how to truly love! What is needed for this? Just trust your instincts and feelings.

The Human Relations Quality Control Service has prepared several tests. Some you will go through alone, others as a couple. Ah yes! At the end of the road, you learn a lot about yourself. Don frighten. All this has been hiding inside for a long time - you just until didn't dare to let your feelings out...

Forbidden Fruit is an exclusive scenario for an erotic immersive show with two-way contact. Only for 1-2 couples ready to unleash each other 👩‍❤️‍👨 2 actors, 2 actresses, some alcohol and spicy and fiery mini-games in 90 -minute adventure. Here it is the perfect gift with impressions that will last a lifetime!


Escape room Features

  • Strictly 18+ FOR ALL participants. Upon arrival at the location, you will need documents confirming your age — passport or driver's license

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