Фотография квеста «Hagi-Vagi»
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Hagi-Vagi ru

Age limitations: 5 to 10 years old without adults
Your journey through the toy factory did not end in the most favorable way..Already leaving the limits of this wonderful place, you have discovered that the control panel from the main gate is broken! Yes and a real mess now reigns in the halls of the factory. Has the same blue monster, which every child now knows about, raged again? It seems that it was Huggy Waggy who broke everything around, and he also hid the wires from the remote control! Find and restore the cables with the help of Kissy's faithful assistant Missy, and hurry up. Huggy may appear here at any second...


Escape room Features

  • The escape room is designed specifically for a children's audience and includes the presence of an accompanying animator. The presence of parents during the passage is not required.
  • This game is held on the territory of the content park REC – Park



  • And a little surprise: after the game, your children will be able to take a photo not only with Hagi-Vagi and Kisi-Misi, but also with the popular — Goose-Hug! Yes, now the big 190 cm Cuddling Goose is waiting for you at KlausKids! And if you like hugging a goose — you can buy a Goose-Hug toy right at the location or leave an order for a toy of any size!

Categories: Action Cartoon For 1-2 players For Kids Minimal Complexity New

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Aviapark, Hodynskiy boulevard, 4
Paid parking mall

Metro station CSKA, Aviapark, 4th floor, Purple zone


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