Фотография квеста «Squid game»
for kids action Up to 15 players

Squid game ru

Age limitations: from 6 to 14 years without adults
Quest for children
It all started the moment you decided to take that strange business card from a suspicious stranger...It featured just three simple shapes: a triangle, a circle, and a square. No one warned you that this undistinguished card is your entry ticket to a legendary game where only the bravest win. Recognize those red suits and masks with geometric symbols? You understood everything correctly, "The Squid Game" starts right here and now. 80 minutes of thematic action tests and full immersion in the very atmosphere in which winning is everything! From 6 to 15 players can take part in the game at the same time. Participation in action game — from 6 to 14 years.

Attention! The animator is an integral part of the game and accompanies the participants from the beginning to the end of the session.

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