Фотография квеста «School»
WITH ACTORS 75 minutes

School ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 14+

Is the light of science capable of dispelling the darkness of lies and violence?..

Step by step, mankind conquered the surrounding world. And when the last secret of nature surrendered under the onslaught of reason, the experiments of scientists went beyond the boundaries of the living. The theory of emotional magnetism and the discovery of necromatter confirmed the existence of ghosts, and judging by the increase in accidents, the undead must be fought.

So, you are a private squad of hunters for “active necromatter”. The police department hastily called you to clean up the old building of the children’s school, surrounded by terrible rumors about harsh discipline, missing children and the mysterious death of the headmistress. It is curious that other detachments have already worked here before you — alas, unsuccessfully ... However, they all could turn out to be ordinary charlatans, and then you still have a chance to take their fee if you can establish the fate of the children who disappeared without a trace.

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