Фотография квеста «A series of Unfortunate events»
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A series of Unfortunate events ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 12+ years old with adults, 14+ without them

If you were counting on a fairy tale with a happy ending, close your ears, close your eyes and run away! There is no place for a happy ending in the history of the Baudelaire children... Their family's past is shrouded in secrets that have fallen into the tenacious hands of a real villain.

You are agents of the secret society G.F.V. sworn to protect orphans after the tragic death of their parents. Omnipresent misfortunes continue to haunt teenagers, and you know for sure that behind all of them is a brilliant actor, master of disguise and criminal - Count Olaf.

You have to infiltrate his lair to save the eldest of the orphans, Violet Baudelaire. Ahead is a real tragicomedy, full of secret conspiracies and cunning riddles.
Tick-tock... Time is running out! Will you manage to save Violet before the evil plans of the villain come true?

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