Фотография квеста «MSK 2048: Among Us»
WITH ACTORS role play Up to 20 players

MSK 2048: Among Us ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 12+
Quest with actors
You are raiders in a post-apocalyptic world. The Protectorate of Greater Moscow sends you to a training ground to learn how to survive in the conditions of infection of one team member.

You will have an hour to get out of the locked bunker, completing tasks, and... survive! After all, there is at least one infected person among your comrades, whose goal is to destroy your team.

Who will you be? A raider or a villain? Are you sure that your team can be trusted?

Categories: For a Large Party For teenagers Minimal Complexity New Postapocalyptical Scary With actors

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Ploshhad' Il'icha
Samokatnaja street, 9 building 32
Paid parking on the territory of the factory "Crystal"


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