Фотография квеста «The house of ghosts»

The house of ghosts ru

Антураж квеста значительно изменен, загадки частично обновлены после реконструкции и переезда.

Age limitations: 10+ years old with adults, 14+ without them

This house was once filled with light and children’s laughter, until one day the entire Kriegel family who lived here disappeared. Tom Hardy, a private investigator hired to search for the family, went missing as well. The police have found no traces and closed the case, while neighbors tend to keep away from the notorious house, where they say Evil dwells now. Anyone who comes near the gloomy house is overwhelmed with bone-chilling terror. But this will never stop you, will it?



  • Don't have an adult player in team? Our employee will go through the escape room together with the children and make sure everything is in in order. Escort cost — 1000 ₽ per session. Add the service in the booking form and contact location for confirmation at least 24 hours before the start of the game.
  • Need a place to party or relax after a game? Add a lounge area rental at this location in the booking form and pay for the service on the spot! Everything is already included: a design space with a cloud projection ceiling for a company of up to 8 people, high-quality music equipment, a large screen for games and movies, Xbox, access to Netflix and Youtube Premium subscriptions, a cooler and a coffee machine for hot drinks.

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Entrance from the backyard


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