Фотография квеста «FOOL»
WITH ACTORS immersive


Этот квест участвовал в спецвыпуске «Вечерний ужас» с Иваном Ургантом


the level of fear
Age limitations: 16+ years old without adults
«Durak» is a escape room with actors in the format of an immersive theater. This is an acute social drama that unfolds right before your eyes, and you are not only a spectator in it. The development of events and the ending of this story is completely in your hands! You are employees of the guardianship authorities who arrived in Bogdanovka. The inhabitants of the village are just nothing, and recently it has become even less. That is why you are here — you need to find a child who, after the death of his mother, was left an orphan. And here is the same hut, the mistress of which died, and where the boy lives. Strange, but the locals have never seen him! They say that he grew up locked up ... The creak of a rotten gate. «Who is there?» You startle at a muffled frightened whisper and immediately realize that this whisper is yours. Rustle. Again! «Hey guy! Are you here?». But there is no one behind. Only the shadow of an old tree on a rickety fence ... and this strange man! Can at least he help find the boy? «Can you hear me?» you whisper into the darkness, but in response, silence again ...


Escape room Features

  • Choose simple, loose-fitting clothing that doesn't restrict movement. In the dark areas of the room, it is easy to stumble, so you cannot complete the escape room in high-heeled shoes. Wear sneakers/comfortable flats or bring a change of shoes.
  • If possible, change your glasses to contact lenses. Mobile phones, valuables and jewelry must be left in a closed cell in the reception area.
  • The escape room is not recommended for people suffering from heart disease, panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, mental disorders, persons with disabilities, as well as pregnant women.
  • Participants with signs of alcohol or drug intoxication are not allowed to play. We are not responsible for the physical consequences associated with the health and life of such players.
  • Please be careful and follow the instructions of the administrator. Aggression and reverse physical contact with actors is strictly prohibited.

Categories: Action For 1-2 players For a Large Party Minimal Complexity Scary With actors

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