Фотография квеста «Clinic of Doctor Moses»
WITH ACTORS role play

Clinic of Doctor Moses ru

Age limitations: 12+

You are lab workers participating in the development of the vaccine against the evil virus. Shortly before the final antigen testing, lab head Doctor Moses died in mysterious circumstances. Who benefits from his death? Who and how could commit this audacious crime? And, more importantly, who will now save the mankind?

For the first time ever, an absolutely new format of the immersive live action role-playing game with performance elements is on the Web. In this story you won’t have to run away from maniacs and ghosts! At the beginning of the game every participant will get personal goals to achieve during the game and will perform alongside with the actors. The mission of this adventure is to investigate the murder and figure out the criminal who is hiding among you.
Explore the space around you, communicate and share information with the other characters to achieve goals. You might have to bluff, scheme and even pretend being someone else. Don’t worry — you don’t need to step out of your comfort zone and show miracles of acting. Play in your own style, immersing in your role as much as you think it’s acceptable.

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