Фотография квеста «Contraband»
WITH ACTORS Not scary 70 minutes

Contraband ru

Age limitations: 18+
escape room with actors

Big boys choose to make big money. Even if the ways to get it are not quite legal. Kidnapping and sale of organs for example... Sounds too cruel but believe us — it’s nothing personal. A nice briefcase full of green bills is a very convincing argument when bargaining with conscience.

So, here is the news. The good one: your dream to travel the world will finally come true. The bad one: you get to travel in parts. However, the kidnappers seem to be not very bright. Of course! Like there was any doubt that you’d become a victim of real fools!

According to the movies, the kidnapping should have at least some kind of planning. But in this case you wouldn’t get scared even if you wanted to. The kidnappers look like proper losers... First the van door gets stuck, then one of the criminals nearly gets shot by accident. Wait, what have they just said? Their client is about to arrive? Well, you’d better try and escape before he comes. It seems to be an easy thing to do. Or not?

The plot and actors’ actions depend on players’ age and game experience:

  • from 14 years — no adult language is used;
  • from 16 years— dark humor and adult language are used.

Please note! The game starts before the team arrives at the game location. Please wait for the actors at the entrance to Pyaterochka grocery store. No need to enter the store.

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st. Pavel Korchagin, Building 2 A

Actors will meet you at the entrance to Pyaterochka grocery store and take you to the game. No need to enter the store.


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