Фотография квеста «Hide and Seek in MSK 2048»
WITH ACTORS up to 20 players

Hide and Seek in MSK 2048 ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 12+
Escape room with actors
No puzzles. A real survival game awaits you on the territory of an abandoned post-apocalyptic camp with an area of ​​1500 m². Explore caches and hidden passages to hide from pursuit or set up a trap. The hunt will begin as soon as the lights go out! The action game consists of 6 rounds. Before the start, the participants are divided into 2 teams — Production and Stalkers. First, Loot comes in and hides in the camp. After dark, the Stalkers come into play. The Stalkers must find the Loot, and the Loot’s task is to stay alive until the end of the round. Be careful! One random rustle is enough to betray oneself or frighten off the victim ...

Categories: For a Large Party For mans For teenagers Minimal Complexity Postapocalyptical Scary With actors

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Ploshhad' Il'icha
Samokatnaja street, 9 building 32
Paid parking on the territory of the factory "Crystal"


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