Фотография квеста «Adventure in the village»
WITH ACTORS for kids

Adventure in the village ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 6 to 12 years old without adults
Once an old village on the edge of the forest was a cheerful and hospitable place — life was in full swing here. But everything changed after a series of strange and frightening events ... At first, the locals complained about the loss of poultry, and later in the village cattle began to disappear ... And even the people themselves!

Since then, the village has been empty. Only one of the residents still does not leave his home in the hope of returning the missing loved ones. He agreed to meet with you to shed light on this mysterious story. Can you solve the mystery of the village and help the last resident get his family back?


Escape room Features

  • This escape room is designed specifically for kids from 6 to 12 years and not suitable for adult players. In the escape room with children there is always an actor in image, so adult accompaniment is not required.



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