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Claustrophobia escape games

Claustrophobia escape games offer an ultimate opportunity for active leisure with family and friends.

Escape room a challenge for your mind, attentiveness and agility

Since Claustrophobia launched its first escape rooms in Moscow, smart entertainment has been gaining popularity every year. It is a challenge for your skills, fitness for your brain and a chance to have a fun time with your friends. An escape game is a new reality, a breakaway from everyday routine into the world of bright adventures, and it is up to you to decide what journey to set off on.

A team of players can try themselves out as detectives, adopt a criminal's or a mentally disabled person's way of thinking or return to their childhood. You will be so absorbed by the game that the world around you will cease to exist for a while.

Game peculiarities

Age does not matter. We have games for teens, kids and adults. Escape games are conventionally called rooms, but nowadays you can hardly find a one-room escape game in Moscow. Games take place on premises comprising several rooms of various sizes. Each game is special and differs from other ones. Nevertheless, there is something typical for all escape rooms:

  • The plot. A thrilling background story is one of the factors uniting the most exciting escape games in Moscow. A person playing them is involved into the development of the story. Where would the chance bring you: to an American gangster neighborhood, to a secret lab or behind the scenes of your favorite TV show?
  • The goal. You will have to look for and find all kinds of objects and clues, deal with brain twisters and solve puzzles to achieve the goal set for each room. It is not about mere escape from the room (everyone will be let out when the time is up). It is the mission that matters here. Saving the human race might be in your hands!
  • Time limitations. A certain amount of time, most frequently 60 minutes, is allocated for adult and kids' games. You can visit the Moscow of the 1940s, travel to a different continent or have a glimpse of the future during this time. The limitation adds the thrill: It is crucial not only to cope with the task, but to do this quicker than the others and make it to the chart of the smartest and most watchful players.

The Claustrophobia world of smart entertainment

Claustrophobia offers exciting intellectual challenges: kids', youth and family escape games in Moscow. Each game has its own zest, an unexpected plot and lots of secrets. You can choose a theme appealing to you most, a convenient city district and a suitable complexity level.

Present a game as a birthday gift, invite friends during their visits to Moscow and make your close ones happy. We guarantee the adrenaline rush, maximal realism and fun for large and small parties. You will not be bored!

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