Фотография квеста «Divergent. Stage: Filtering»
WITH ACTORS Not scary 75 minutes

Divergent. Stage: Filtering ru

Age limitations: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
Escape room with actors

They’ve divided humanity into five groups and literally renewed the world destroyed after the global war. Count yourself fortunate, beginner. Here it is — ideal future with its ideal society. No conflicts and with iron discipline, oh yeah! Just a formality is left — to define which group you belong to...

Erudition, Fearlessness, Friendship, Sincerity or Denial? There is no back-way, and you have to make your choice right now. Filtration procedure takes place in the laboratory of the QH corporation. Don’t worry it’s simple and won’t hurt a bit. There is nothing to fear. If you are not a divergent, of course...

Here, these freaking snobs embodying all five groups will be in trouble. Remember, beginner, there is no place in our world for those who’ve decided that they have the right to be different from the others in any way. You don’t want to go against the system, don’t you?

“Divergent. Stage: Filtering” is a cool mix of a classic escape game, action game and game with actors. Solve mechanical brain teasers and puzzles, interact with smart electronics, be attentive and agile. No screaming and horror elements — meeting with the inhabitants of this world won’t be scary, but absolutely harmless!

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