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the level of fear
Age limitations: 12+ years old with adults, 16+ without them

Zombie tales have always seemed harmless and stupid — exactly until the moment when a catastrophe occurred in the world, turning the craziest fantasies of mankind into reality.

The world has been in  post-apocalyptic mode for over a year now. You, the survivors, already know that the biological weapons testing station, which is located on one of the  deaf islands in the Arctic Ocean, is related to the tragic events. It is there that the nuclear reactor is located, a failed experiment with which could lead to irreversible consequences for all mankind.

There you not and many but your desire to save the world — irresistibly. One day you decided that the bloodthirsty creatures that filled the planet and devouring people must perish. There is only one way out — go to the place where the terrible virus originated and try to develop an antidote. If your guesses are correct, you can save not only your own life, but and an entire civilization!

The outcome of the mission depends on you. If you are not afraid of crowds of wandering living dead, and you are ready to descend into the basements of an abandoned research center for your purpose — forward! Remember that your stay is limited. Sooner or later — THEY'll get to you.


Escape room Features

  • For a comfortable game, you will need comfortable non-staining clothes and shoes. Passing the escape room in heeled shoes is strictly prohibited - this can cause injury.
  • According to the plot - the facility is kept at a low temperature, so don bring something warm with you (any outerwear: jacket, sweatshirt, etc)

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