Фотография квеста «Way Out»
WITH ACTORS immersive

Way Out ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 14+
Escape room with actors

There are many rumors about the house outside the city limits. Some believe that it has long been abandoned and does not pose a danger, but at any opportunity they try to bypass it. Someone says that at night terrible screams are heard from there, from which one throws one into a cold sweat. But what if... the house is still not abandoned and it has inhabitants... What if you become their next victim? Will you be able to escape this deadly trap or, like all the previous ones, will you only become part of an urban legend?

- The performance is designed for a quiet passage, where players need to move unnoticed, hide, avoid detection in order to escape;
- Theatrical special effects and powerful sound will make you tremble with every rustle;
- A unique form of hints (goals), you will not find this anywhere else;
- A creepy mix of Black Mirror and the thriller Seven

Categories: Action For 1-2 players For a Large Party For adults Minimal Complexity New Scary With actors Иммерсивные

[email protected]
Electrozavodskaya street, 21
City paid parking

Checkpoint №3, 5th floor. You must have identification documents with you.


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