Фотография квеста «Wednesday Addams and the Shadow Dance»
Up to 10 players WITH ACTORS for kids

Wednesday Addams and the Shadow Dance ru

Attention! This escape room involves game mechanics and the location of the "Dungeon of the Red Dwarfs". The game takes place according to a new scenario with the participation of actors.


the level of fear
Age limitations: up 7 to 14 years old without adults

Attention! This escape room with actors is completely created by artificial intelligence!

Strange events are happening in the town of Jericho— residents have begun to disappear without a trace. Is it related to the Nevermore Academy for Rogue Children? Nevermore's student Wednesday Adams undertakes to investigate the case.

Wednesday was able to find a monster hiding in the surrounding forests, and now she's in danger! Together with Wednesday and her brother Paxley Adams, you will get into the library of the Belladonna Society, where you will solve the terrible mystery of Nevermore and help defeat the monster.


Features of the game

  • Animation program with the participation of two actors
  • Disco!
  • If you don't know how many players will be on your team on game day, book a session for the minimum number of participants and pay the difference on the spot. Please note: payments for players who are absent from the game are not refundable

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