Фотография квеста «Abandoned amusement park»
75 minutes

Abandoned amusement park ru


Лучший квест 2019 года по мнению игроков

Age limitations: 14+ years old with adults, 16+ without them
They say that really cruel things happened in this abandoned amusement park. The former owner turned out to be not so kind and peace-loving person who wanted to make kids happy. Strange, unsociable... he absolutely couldn’t get on well with anyone. His only friends were dolls: mechanical and without any willpower that did everything expected of them.

And, of course, every creator has his favorite — an attraction that represented a real experiment ... but the most awful thing happened in the center of the mechanism! This was the place where the owner tortured people mercilessly, practicing the art of absorbing life forces... but the experiment is not complete. He needs just a few people to turn them into his puppets. Dare to be one of them?


Escape room Features

  • If you don't know how many players your team will have on game day, book the minimum number of people and pay the difference on seat. Please note: payment for players who are absent from the game is not refundable



  • Don't have an adult player in team? Our employee will go through the escape room together with the children and make sure everything is in in order. Escort cost — 1500 ₽ per session. Add the service in the booking form and contact location for confirmation at least 24 hours before the start of the game.
  • Need a place to party or relax after a game? Add a lounge area rental at this location in the booking form and pay for the service on the spot! Everything is already included: a design space with a cloud projection ceiling for a company of up to 8 people, high-quality music equipment, a large screen for games and movies, Xbox, access to Netflix and Youtube Premium subscriptions, a cooler and a coffee machine for hot drinks.

Categories: Fantasy For a Large Party Maximal Complexity Scary

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Kosmodamianskaya naberezhnaya, 46/50, building 1
City paid parking

Entrance from the backyard


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